Severe Maxillary Atrophy Unit

All Vericat clinics offer an advanced solution with implants for patients who cannot undergo conventional treatment because they do not have the necessary amount of bone. The unit was created based on 14 years of experience treating complex cases of lack of bone in the maxilla to offer reliable and predictable results to patients with this problem.

The aim of the SMA unit

The Severe Maxillary Atrophy Unit also offers patients with little bone a 1-day solution of implants and fixed teeth. The technique that Dr. Vericat performs for these patients is called zygomatic implants. These implants are anchored to the lower part of the cheekbone in order to place the new fixed teeth. This technique offers excellent results, making it the treatment of choice for these cases. Over the years, Dr. Vericat and his team have studied all the cases treated and their respective evolution. As a result, a working protocol has been established that is very similar to the rest of the immediate implant treatments so that the patient with severe maxillary atrophy has fixed teeth from day one.

Why is bone lost in the maxilla?

There are basically two reasons why we lose bone in our jaws: · Having worn dentures for many years causes the bone in the jaw to be reabsorbed. This makes conventional dental implant treatment practically impossible. · Advanced periodontitis or aggressive pyorrhoea accelerates the bone resorption of the jawbone.

Benefits of zygomatic implants for the patient.

The zygomatic implant technique is compatible with immediate placement. In other words, the implants and fixed teeth are placed in the patient on the same day. This allows the patient to lead a normal life within hours of leaving the clinic. They can even eat a solid diet of moderate consistency that same night. Thanks to the Severe Maxillary Atrophy Unit more than 250 patients have regained normal chewing function, being able to smile from day one as they would with natural teeth.
What our patients say