Dental implants clinic in Valencia

Implants and fixed teeth in 1 day

I would like to request a first visit free of charge and without obligation

I would like to request a first visit free of charge and without obligation

Dental implants clinic in Valencia.

I would like to request a first visit free of charge and without obligation.

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Regain the pleasure of smiling without inhibitions and eating normally in just a few hours.

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Implants even for patients with little bone.

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Painless implant treatments.

The time has come to recover your smile and enjoy eating what you like the most. Discover what the most advanced dental implantology can do for you.

Alberto Vericat primera visita clínica implantes dentales en Valencia

We only do one thing, but we do it like nobody else.

We are dedicated exclusively to dental implants

We have a work system developed by Dr. Vericat with proven and reliable results so that you will not spend another day without teeth.

Pioneers since 2002 in immediate implantology

So that you smile like never before and eat normally again from the first day of treatment.

More than 25,000 patients already know what we are capable of doing

We also have a solution for you with dental implants and fixed teeth in one day, even if they have told you that you have little bone or it is of poor quality

Immediate dental implantology, the most advanced solution

Conventional implantology requires months of waiting to provide you with fixed teeth on dental implants. On the other hand, at Vericat we know that what you need is to recover your quality of life as soon as possible. And we did it thanks to immediate dental implantology.

This is the treatment that everyone is talking about and of which we have been pioneers since 2002:
  • We extract teeth that can no longer be saved.
  • In the same session, we place the dental implants.
  • And a few hours later, we put the fixed prosthesis on those dental implants.
Vericat zygomatic implants. Patient before and after.
In one day everything changes
New teeth. New life.
Because when you smile at ease and eat what you really want, life is much better.
What our patients say
Vicente Domingo Requena
Vicente Domingo Requena
No se puede pedir más profesionalidad. Cariñoso el trato y seriedad en su trabajo
Fabuloso gran atención personalizada, el centro espectacular, los profesionales son excepcionales. Lo recomiendo un 1000*1000
Me Considero afortunado de haber tenido de conocer esta empresa través de un muy buen amigo mío que me la recomendó y he venido a hacerme un tratamiento y colocación de varios implantes que me siento afortunado después de haber probado y haber tenido otras experiencias negativas aquí te devuelven la sonrisa garantizan de por vida el trato desde que entras hasta que te vas me ha gustado hacer a estas empresas que funcionan de esta forma y dan este servicio tan espectacular te felicito a todos
Gema Mena
Gema Mena
Revision de un año,todo perfecto,creo q mis implantes son insuperables, Gracias Dr.Vericat😅😉
Pau Candelas Estándar
Pau Candelas Estándar
Profesionalidad, garantía y excelente atención.
María José Pastor
María José Pastor
Grandes professionales. Experiència desde hace 13 años magnífica.
ingrid escobar
ingrid escobar
La experiencia en vericat implantologia fue insuperable, en atención, profesionalidad. Y los resultados esperados al 100%, lo recomiendo ampliamente. Gracias mil al equipo completo. Agradecida

3 more reasons to have dental implants at Vericat Implantology

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Conscious sedation.

If you are one of those who are anxious about a simple visit to the dentist, we have the solution you need to appease your nerves. It is conscious sedation, a complement to local anesthesia indicated in complete dental rehabilitations and also in patients who get anxious just thinking about having an appointment with the dentist

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Unlimited guarantee on implants.

We know what we do and how we do it thanks to more than 20 years dedicated exclusively to dental implantology. This allows us to guarantee all the dental implants that we place following the maintenance guideline that we indicate in the clinic. That is why we can talk about a definitive solution.

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Financing up to 48 months interest free.

Now it is easier to access the dental implant treatment you need because you can finance it for up to 4 years without interest (subject to financial approval).

Dental implant experts
These are the people who will help you recover your quality of life.

We have been dedicated exclusively to dental implantology for 22 years. Thanks to this experience we offer accurate diagnoses, reliable treatments and proven results.

Dr. Albert Vericat

Dr. Alberto Vericat

Oral surgeon.
Director of the Severe Maxillary Atrophy Unit.

Maria Devita Implantes dentales Valencia Vericat

María Devita

Director of the
Vericat Immediate Implantology Valencia clinic.

Your dental implants clinic in Valencia
I would like to request a first visit free of charge and without obligation

We are your dental implants clinic in Valencia

Passeig de l’Albereda, 65 bajo, 46023 Valencia.

Tel: (+34) 963 391 684.

From 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Health Centre No.: 6116