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Much more than just an implant procedure. Rigour, passion and respect It is about caring for you and understanding what you want. It is about knowing your fears, worries and hopes. It is wanting you not to be without teeth for a single day. It is being sure of what we do and how we do it.



Fixed teeth from day one

Smiling is expressing a moment of absolute happiness. It means well-being and quality of life.

Thanks to our implats treatments and fixed teeth in one day you will finally be able to smile wide and eat with confidence again.

We only need a few hours before you can enjoy your new fixed teeth. On the same day:

Vericat has been a pioneer in immediate implants since 2002 so that our patients are never without teeth for a single day.


A solution designed for you

When our patients tell us one of the things we like the most is: my teeth feel fixed as if they were my own.

That’s what we want.

We want you to forget that you have dental implants and simply enjoy life.

We do this by providing you with fixed teeth that are adapted to you in terms of shape, size and colour.

Through direct communication with the prosthetic laboratory, we make the art of imitating nature a reality.

Art and technology united to serve excellence

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Lifetime guarantee on dental implants

Thanks to more than 23 years dedicated exclusively to dental implantology we offer you:

We are confident in what we do and how we do it. In fact, all the implants we place are guaranteed for life, following the maintenance instructions we give you in the clinic.

5 reasons to trust the Vericat Immediate Implantology professionals.

We are dental implant experts

Vericat is highly specialised in dental implants. This exclusive commitment has allowed us to perfect a working procedure with proven and reliable results that we replicate in each of our clinics. More than 25,000 patients have already discovered the pleasure of smiling again without complexes and eating normally.


We are pioneers in immediate dental implants: fixed teeth in one day.

This has been our working philosophy since 2002 because we don’t want our patients to be without teeth for a single day. One-day implants are a technique that has revolutionised dental implantology and our patients’ lives.


Dental implants for patients with a lack of bone.

Even if you have little bone, we have an implant treatment for you. You will be smiling and eating again in just one day. Yes, in just one day. That is why we have created the Severe Maxillary Atrophy Unit, where we solve these cases using advanced techniques, such as zygomatic implants. If you have been told that you have no bone, contact us.


Lifetime guarantee on dental implants.

Enjoy your treatment for life thanks to our implant guarantee. ll you have to do is follow the regular maintenance routine that we suggest at the clinic.


We are a benchmark training centre for dentists.

We offer specialisation courses for dentists who want to learn how to carry out implant treatments following our working methods.

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